At long last, Moir Hut Camp. After a day spent battling the elements (with the elements winning), what a relief at finally arriving. Thru rain, fog and blowing ice, we were tasked with climbing to 15,000 feet in a test of will, determination and whatever. The plan was to reach Lava Tower, a famous rock outcrop, and have a pleasant picnic lunch if your description of pleasant picnic lunch is eating a fried chicken leg while sitting on a frozen rock in the blowing ice fog. Don’t tell Kilimanjaro what you plan. 3,000 feet up and then 3,000 feet down to the next camp. Ewand explained this was a test run for the final night of the climb to see if we would get sick or freak out. No one mentioned hallucinating, but I digress. The fog severely limited visibility. Like Alaska, this place was the most beautiful place I had even been to that I never saw.

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