Shira 2
Shira Camp 2. Our first camp that had a permanent restroom facility (seen on the right). Men’s and women’s facilities in keeping with North Carolina law. The women’s side (accidentally went there) had three toilet stalls with doors. One in the classic western style and two with the more advanced “corn-hole-in-the-floor”. The men’s side (which I eventually discovered) had the same arrangement as well as a urinal hidden in a closet. Must be the source of the phrase “water closet” or WC as written on architectural plans. On the left of this photo is “cell phone rock”. You can see all the guys standing on it calling out to their sweeties much like a bank of pay phones dock side next to cruise ships. Apparently, from this rock you can get cell phone reception from Moshi far away to the south and down into the grey haze. I tried it but was unsuccessful in getting any connection even after employing my “rabbit-ear” leg lift that has proven so productive before.

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