Home sweet home. Or in this case, cave sweet cave. Recent squatters, Kurt and Cheryl, aka California Raisinette #12, are settling in for a nice snack while hoping the long term occupants, water buffaloes, decide to “stay gone”. Seeking shelter from the storm often requires squatting over. This picture was snapped on the trail to the curiously and coincidentally named Buffalo Camp.
View from the Bristol Cottages in Moshi. That’s a church across the street and they are playing some sort of music non-stop. Must be competing against the mosque nearby. I don’t think there are any noise ordinances in town.
The local Vodacom Cell Phone store. This is the place to get your M-Pesa enabled cell phone sim card/scratch-off lottery ticket. Goodluck, the hotel manager at the Lake Duluti Hotel seen in the orange shirt on the left, was kind enough to help me with the purchase since my Swahili skills are limited to “Mjinga!” that presumably would prove to be not productive.