Untamed Majesty

From our recent travels to Tanzania and Kenya, here are photos of some of the wildlife we saw. It was migration season. Life was abundant, especially lions. The time of year, August and September, is normally the dry season, but the weather patterns are disturbed. The wet season is dry and now, the driest of the dry seasons, it’s raining. Migrating herds are confused and are heading north and south as they find unusual conditions. Local farmers lost all their crops and are now trying to find ways to make a living.

2 thoughts on “Untamed Majesty”

  1. These pictures are amazing, shocking, beautiful….and strangely sad. How poignant is the mother lion with the wound in her side. How moving is the closeup of elephant hide with the coveted tusk emerging from it. Thank you for sharing. Enough to make me believe in God.

    1. Thank you for your comments. The lions have a tough life having to constantly hunt down and kill other animals (who can defend themselves) for survival. The average old age life span for lions is 12 years. While they may be at the top of the food chain I think I would prefer being a little lower and grazing for my food instead of constantly fighting for it. When I come back, I’m choosing HIPPO! Roll around in the water all day and laugh all night. Plus you’re big enough not to be bothered by the other predators.

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